Adeline Alberta Dixon

Adeline Alberta Dixon was the first child of Daniel L. Dixon and Adeline Helen Husson. She was born 29 Jan, 1927 at New Orleans, La. During her college years, she changed her name to Adelyn. Sometime during 1950, Adelyn married Norman Edra Foreman. He was born 16 Sep, 1924 at Crowley, Acadia parish, La. Norman was the son of Edra and Hazel Foreman. He was born at Orlando, Orange County, Fl. Norman died 23 Nov, 1993 at Orlando, Fl. No burial location is known. Adelyn remarried to Ray L. Hock in Jan, 2005. He was born Dec, 1920. No other information is known about Ray at this time. Both Adelyn and Ray are living.

Adelyn and Norman's children are:

Richard Dale ForemanBorn: Dec, 1951  Living
Ronald Dean ForemanBorn: Dec, 1951Died: 22 Apr, 2006
Michelle ForemanBorn: Dec, 1953  Living
Stephen ForemanBorn: Jun, 1955  Living





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