Eugene Menton McMorris, Jr.

Eugene Menton McMorris, Jr. was the first child of Emma Murl "Sis" Nickens and Eugene Baxter McMorris, Sr. He was born 23 Jun, 1927 at Denham Springs Livingston Parish, La. Eugene Menton married Helen Margaret Miley (first marriage, date unknown). She was born 01 Mar, 1930, 1906 at Denham Springs, Livingston Parish, La. Helen was the daughter of Leo and Ruth Morgan. Some time after 1953 Eugene remarried to Amealea Bostwick. She was born 23 Sep, 1928 (location and parents unknown). Eugene Menton died 22 Jun, 2005 and is buried at Denham Springs Memorial Cemetery, Livingston Parish, La. Amealea died 06 Nov, 2005 and is also buried at Denham Springs Memorial Park.

Helen Margaret died 08 Dec, 2003 and is also buried at Denham Springs memorial Cemetery

Eugene Menton and Helen Margaret's children are:

Russell Menton McMorris Born: 06 Jul, 1954Died: 11 May, 1997
Living McMorris Born:  Died:  
Living Stepson Born:  Died:  



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