Johnny Peter Dixon

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Johnny Peter Dixon was the sixth child of Elizabeth Nickens and John Perot Dixon. He was born 13 Dec, 1897 in Ascension Parish, La. Johnny married Elizabeth Courtney 17 Oct, 1917 in Ascension Parish. She was the daughter of Charles and Mary Jane Courtney. Elizabeth was born 1902 in Ascension Parish, La. Elizabeth died 1930 and is buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery in Prairieville, Ascension Parish, La. Johnny remarried to Ellen Odeal Stephens 09 May, 1935. She was the daughter of Hugh Bailey Stevens and Maryl Duplessis. Ellen was born 10 Mar, 1897. Johnny died 08 Apr, 1960 and is buried in Mt Zion Cemetery. Ellen died 24 Dec, 1970 and is also buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery.

Johnny and Elizabeth's children are:

Yvonne Dixon Born: 09 Nov, 1925Died: 24 Jul, 2006
Ellie I Dixon, Sr. Born: 10 Apr, 1921Died: 25 Nov, 1998
Dorothy Dixon Born: 30 Jul, 1918Died: 14 Sep, 1984
Doval A Dixon Born: 07 Feb, 1920Died: 10 Aug, 1990
Ruth Dixon Born: 29 Jan, 1923Died: 06 Feb, 1999
John Charles "Charlie" Dixon Born: 17 Nov, 1927Died: 21 Jan, 2009
Ray Dixon Born: 01 Dec, 1929Died: Infant 1930
Fay Dixon Born: 01 Dec, 1929   Living

Johnny and Ellen's children are:

Stanley Gerald Dixon Born: 17 May, 1930  Living


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