Joseph Franklin Nickens

Joseph Franklin Nickens was the sixth and last child of Jordan Nickens and Annerette West. He was born 16 Feb, 1878 .On 24 Jan, 1906 Frank married Louise Isabella Dencausse. She was the daughter of Jean Francois Dencausse and Elizabeth A Hodgeson Louise was born on 17 Apr, 1882. Frank and Louise did not have any children. Frank died 24 Aug, 1964 while Louise lived until 17 Feb, 1973. Frank and Louise are both buried at Mt Zion Cemetery in Prairieville, Ascension Parish, La.

Louise's siblings according to 1900 census are:

Brothers: Joseph Dencause
  Jean Dencause
  Henry Dencause
Sisters: Marie Dencause
  Melissa Dencause
  Louise Dencause
  Francis Dencause





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