Lolita Wesley "Nickens" Thompson

Lolita Wesley "Nickens" Thompson was one of twin daughters born to Wessie/Joe Thompson and Maybel McSherdon. She was born 12 Aug, 1925 at Port Arthur, Tx. On 12 Aug, 1943 "Leda" married Robert Abner Baird at Salt Lake City, Utah. Robert was born 22 Feb, 1922 to Abner Harley Baird and Hazel Rebecca Twede. He died 11 Nov, 1966 in a military plane crash east of Nantucket Island. Leda remained in the Provo-Orem area until her death 1 Sep, 2002. She is buried at Orem Cemetery, Orem, Utah.

Leda and Robert's children are:

Robert Abner Baird, Jr Born: 27 May, 1944  Living
Joseph Alan Baird Born: 06 Apr, 1946  Living
Hazel Ann Baird Born: 26 Mar, 1948  Living
Blaine Thompson Baird Born: 24 Oct, 1950  Living
Randall T Baird Born: 12 Apr, 1952  Living
Karen Lee Baird Born: 08 Aug, 1956  Living
Martin Harley Baird Born: 03 Oct, 1959  Living
Bryant Richard Baird Born: 13 Jun, 1962  Living


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