Gordon Ferdinand "Bobby" Nickens

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Gordon Ferdinand "Bobby" Nickens was the ninth child of George Thomas Nickens and Julia Celestine Thompson. He was born 18 May, 1921 in Ascension Parish, La. On 02 Mar, 1942 "Bobby" married Irene Higginbottam Terrell. She was the daughter of Robert R Terrell, Sr. and Irene Higginbottam. Irene was born 08 Oct, 1922 at Baton Rouge, La. "Bobby" died 06 Feb, 1982 and is buried in Galvez Baptist Church Cemetery, Ascension Parish, La. Irene is living.

Bobby and Irene's children are:

Mildred A. NickensBorn:Mar, 1943Living
Gordon Thomas NickensBorn:Jun, 1954Living
Cindy Ann NickensBorn:Jan, 1961Living
Pennie Annette NickensBorn:Nov, 1963Living

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