George Thomas Nickens

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George Thomas Nickens was the third child of Jordan Nickens and Annerette West. He was born 18 Jun, 1871 in Livingston Parish, La. On 29 Oct, 1896 George married Julia Celestine Thompson. She was the daughter of Joseph Albert Thompson and Josephine Sevario. Julia was born in Assumption Parish, La. on 04 Jan, 1879. George died 22 Dec, 1952 while "Tenie" lived until 24 Sep, 1958.George and Julia are both buried at Mt Zion Cemetery in Prairieville, Ascension Parish, La.

George and Julia's children are:

Joseph Bennett Nickens Born: 01 Jul, 1897 Died: 07 Nov, 1918
Laura Nickens Born: Feb, 1899 Died As Infant
Orvilla "Aunt CB" Nickens Born: 05 Mar, 1901 Died: 05 Nov, 1966
Elmira "Bug" Nickens Born: 11 Jan, 1908 Died: 08 Feb,1982
Annerette Celestine Nickens Born: 27 Nov, 1911Died: 20 Jan, 1982
Bernard Norris Nickens Born: 27 Feb, 1915 Died: 03 Jul, 1969
Donnie Wessie Nickens Born: 06 Jun, 1916 Died: 21 Sep, 2000
Alyne "Clydie" Nickens Born: 09 Feb, 1919Died: 28 May,1996
Gordon Ferdinand Nickens Born: 18 May, 1921 Died: 06 Feb, 1982

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