John Millard "Bud" Persac

John Millard "Bud" Persac was the second child of John Persick and Ida Roddy. He was born 18Apr, 1907 at Galvez, Ascension Parish, La. His step father was Sidney Bell Nickens. On 02Jun, 1929 Bud married Daisy Parker. She was born 24May, 1915 at Galvez. Daisy's parents were Thomas Cheddy Parker and Sarah Jane Ficklin. Bud died 03Nov, 1979. Daisy died 06Nov, 1979. Both are buried in Ficklin Cemetery, Galvez, Ascension Parish, LA.

John Millard and Daisy's children are:

Bessie Irene Persac Born: Dec, 1936  Living
Helen Loraine Persac Born: Feb, 1939  Living
Betty Earline Persac Born: Feb, 1942  Living
Sidney John Persac Born: Mar, 1947   Living
Nina Fay Persac Born: Sep, 1930 Died: 1930




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