Sidney Bell Nickens

Sidney Bell Nickens was the ninth child of William Nickens and Sarah Jane Kelly. He was born 08 Sep, 1884. On 24 Apr, 1911 Sidney married Ida Roddy Persick at Donaldsonville. She was the daughter of Richard Roddy and Caphe Adele Dixon. Ida was born 08 Mar, 1887. Sidney died 14 Nov, 1951 and is buried at Mt Zion Cemetery, Prairieville, La. Ida died 30 Sep, 1965 and is also buried at Mt Zion Cemetery.

Sidney raised these children as his own:

Adele Persac Born: 21 Dec, 1904 Died: 13 Dec, 1990
John Millard"Bud" Persac Born: 18 Apr, 1907Died: 03 Nov, 1988
Henry Melvin Persac Born: 27 Oct, 1909 Died: 21 May, 1975

Adele, Bud, and Henry were the children of Ida Roddy and John Persick. They were married on 07Jan, 1904. John was born at Berlin Germany about 1880. His parents were Carl and Caroline Persick. He arrived in the U.S. about 1883. John died 09Jun, 1910 in Ascension Parish, La. and is buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery, Ascension Parish. John Persick's children spell their name "Persac" even though their father spelled his name "Persick".

Sidney and Ida's children are:

Richard Lee Nickens Born: 25 Jan, 1914Died: 24 Jul, 1996
Sidney Vinton Nickens Born: 23 Mar, 1916Died: 20 Nov, 1987
Earl Vage Nickens Born: 08 Aug, 1919Died: 26 Apr, 1997
Sarah Maybell Nickens Born: 18 May, 1925  Living
Dorothy Lily Nickens Born: 26 Mar, 1928Died: 22 Mar, 2003





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