Mary Jane Nickens

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Mary Jane Nickens was the third child of Lawrence Bennet Nickens and Mary Cockerham. She was born 03 Jun, 1841 in Livingston Parish, La. Mary Jane married Joseph Beck probably in Livingston Parish, however the date is unknown. Joseph Beck died sometime between 1870 and 1872. In this same time period Mary Jane married Hardy Ames Harris. Their first child was born in 1873. Hardy Ames died in 1897. Mary Jane died 26 Oct, 1928 and is buried in Livingston Parish. Joseph Beck and Hardy Ames Harris both died in Livingston Parish.

Mary Jane and Joseph's daughters:

Adeline "Addy" Beck Born: 1862Died:  
Elizabeth "Betsy" Beck Born: 1864Died:  
Roxanna Beck Born:15 Jan, 1866Died: 30 Nov, 1943

Mary Jane and Hardy Ames Harris' Children:

Ina Cora Harris Born: 02 Oct, 1875Died: 12 Oct, 1893
Vanilla Josephine Harris Born: 21 Dec, 1873Died: 30 May, 1966
Ida Mae Harris Born: 08 Feb, 1878Died: 14 Feb, 1963
Georgia Harris Born: 06 Oct, 1880Died: 16 Oct, 1947
Thurmond Penalton Harris Born: 26 Feb, 1883Died: 06 Jan, 1937
Lillian Bertha Harris Born: 01 Jan, 1886Died: 21 Sep, 1958
Lillie Berta Harris Born: 01 Jan, 1886Died: 06 Jan, 1933

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