Beginnings of the Nickens Family - L.B. Nickens

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The Nickens family begins in Louisiana with the arrival of L.B.Nickens Sr. His parents were William Nickens and Polly Lawrence. William and Polly were married 07 Jan, 1811 in Sumner Co. Tennessee. L.B. Nickens Sr. was born in Sumner Co, Tn. in 1812. The other children of William and Polly were Hester Nickens (born: 1815) and Elizabeth Nickens (born: 1817). It is believed that they remained in Tennessee. It is also unclear when and where Polly died. William married Elizabeth Love 13 Sept, 1818.

Lawrence B. Nickens married Mary Cockerham in East Feliciana Parish, La. in 1836. She was born 1818 in Louisiana.

Their children are:

William NickensBorn: 15 Dec, 1836Died: 21 Feb, 1925
Seaborn Calvin Nickens Born: 04 Jun, 1838 Died: 23 Aug, 1922
Mary Jane Nickens Born: 03 Jun, 1841Died: 26 Oct, 1928
Jordan Thomas NickensBorn: 1843 Died: 30 July, 1878
Henry Nickens Born: 1845 Died: 15 May, 1862
L.B. Nickens Jr. Born: 1847 Died: ??

Mary Cockerham's parents were Thomas Cockerham and Mary Valentine.

L.B. married Emily Moore 23 Jan, 1857 after the death of Mary Cockerham. They were married in Wilkerson Co, Miss. There was one daughter of this marriage. Louisianna "Louise" Nickens was born 15 Oct,1862 in East Baton Rouge Parish, La.

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