William Nickens

William Nickens was the first child of Lawrence Bennet Nickens and Mary Cockerham. He was born 15 Dec, 1836 in Ascension Parish, La. On 31 Oct, 1859 William married Sarah Jane Kelly in Ascension Parish, La. She was the daughter of Samuel John Kelly and Cynthia Ann Cooper. Sarah Jane was born 15 Dec, 1846 and died 1920. William died 21 Feb, 1925. William and Sarah Jane are both buried at Mt Zion Cemetery in Prairieville, Ascension Parish, La.

William and Sarah Jane's children are:

Jordan Samuel Nickens Born: Dec, 1862Died: 21 Apr, 1932
Henry Valma Nickens Born: 26 Mar, 1866Died:17 Feb, 1943
Mary Ophelia Nickens Born: 10 Nov, 1865Died: 09 Jun, 1950
John Davis Nickens Born: 20 June, 1870Died: 27 Feb, 1951
Seaborn James Nickens Born: 23 Nov, 1872Died: 21 May,1951
Edna Abigail Nickens Born: 12 July, 1877Died: 20 Apr, 1952
Thomas Payne Nickens Born: Mar, 1879Died: 22 Dec, 1933
Olivia Adena Nickens Born: 1880Died: 05 Feb, 1938
Sidney Bell Nickens Born: 08 Sep, 1884Died: 14 Nov, 1951
Cornelia Nickens Born: 1886Died:  
Francis Bellezora Nickens Born: 18 Jun, 1888Died: 07 Nov, 1967







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