Thomas Payne Nickens

Thomas Payne "Tom Nickens" Nickens was the eighth child of Willian Nickens and Sarah Jane Kelly. According to his WW1 draft registration, he was born 29 Mar, 1881 at Gonzales, Ascension Parish, La. On 18 Mar, 1915 Tom married Octavia Josephine Chaisson. She was the daughter of Camrie Chaisson and Susanne Bergeron. Octavia was born 23 May, 1895 at Chackbay, LaFourche Parish, La. Tom died 22 Dec, 1933 at Gross Tete, Iberville Parish, La. and was buried in Rosedale Cemetery, Rosedale, Iberville Parish. Supposedly, Tom is buried in the same grave as Camrie Chaisson, Octavia's father. The marker reads: " Camrie Chaisson, and underneath Tom Nickens". Octavia died 27 Jun, 1985 at Plaquemine, Iberville, La. and is buried in Grace memorial Park, Plaquemine, Iberville Parish, La.

Thomas and Octavia's children are:

Edith Nickens Born: 17 Sep, 1916Died: 17 Nov, 1916
Adam Payne "Nip" Nickens Born: 02 Jan, 1918Died: 03 Dec, 1989
Eva Mae Nickens Born: 30 Oct, 1920Died: 02 Jan, 2009
Sarah Jane Nickens Born: 05 Jul, 1925Died: 03 May, 1998
Sue Inez "Susie" Nickens Born: 06 Dec, 1926Died: 29 Mar, 1991
Charles Thomas Nickens Born: 15 May, 1929Died: 26 May, 1929
Joseph Albert Nickens Born: 12 Sep, 1930 Died: 02 Jan, 2006
Mary Alice "TeeTee" Nickens Born: 12 Sep, 1930Died: 05 Aug, 1990
Thomas Payne "T-Neg" Nickens Born: 24 Jan, 1934Died: 24 Feb, 1986





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